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Friday, 25 April 2014

Connecting dots, I visualize a possible end - for - final half story... #DOitRight

Till now Part 1: 

Our final Half Story is about a passionate principal, who runs a humble 3-room school, nestled among the mountains on the Indo-Nepal border, in a place called Megma. Despite shaky benches, faded and cracked blackboards and weak infrastructure, the students still walk in with huge smiles on their face. The principal, who despite retiring last year, still continues to teach them free of cost, and says that he will do this for the rest of his life! Let’s keep his dream alive of giving every home education. Complete his Half Story by giving this 3-room school stationery sets and blackboards.

Part 2

The second half of the story: One of the blogger picks the story, approach the principle back in that village to know the actual situation. Also to understand what kind of help can he do (His part) and fortunately this blogger has the network of people who can help him develop a Fb page for promotion. Secondly, they develop the blog in the name of the school, putting in photographs of the school, the children and the nature and places to visit around. Gradually they start getting recognized online.

Blogger guides the principle to volunteer for the "Teach India" project, from where he can actually gain better knowledge about how to teach these kids for employ-ability. Through blogs and other online promotional activities they are able to generate some income. 

"Megma village" is also publicized as a tourist spot where the tourist can halt and have the scenic relaxation while driving towards Tumling, Bordering Northern Bengal, Indo-Nepal border. 

I visualize that people specially halt to visit the school which is promoted at large. To visit the school, they have to pay fees of Rs.10/-. Leading to another source of income.

Blogger helped this principle in developing network with some wealthy tycoons, who have a heart to donate for a cause. 

Through the passing days/years this village becomes a trek ground for the trek lovers and can be spotted as an undiscovered destination. And a small tea break spot for tourist and gains its popularity over the coming years. The school principle was able to generate sufficient funds to keep his mission going. 

In my vision, this story has a great start and fresh approach towards its cause. Its not an end its the new beginning. This "blogger" whom I have been mentioning here repeatedly could be anyone from us. 

Why??? we have to tell others to do this and that, why can't "I" can teach myself to step ahead and approach this principle in his noble cause.... think about it.

My appreciation to Do Right initiative taken up by Tata capital and special mention to Indiblogger for taking us to the places where we cant reach but our blessings and help can. I wish my story helps in contributing my bit of help through completing the second half of the final story. 

Wednesday, 9 April 2014

10 Deadly Questions, you hate being asked

I being a Girl that too Indian, doesn't always means that i'm liable for pleasing or answering every question being asked or thrown upon me.... I'm sure these 10 questions we all hate when they are asked or inquired about us:

1. When are you getting married, my child?
It's not you parents who are concerned, it's the relatives and the neighborhood, who is most interested in knowing out of all the people in the world. As if they are getting noble prize, once they know the answer to this precious question.

2. Was he your boyfriend?
Every Tom, Dick and Herry, with whom you were caught hanging around has its obvious implication that he is your boyfriend. And if you happen to be seen with different boys at various places, then you have those many boy friends. and hence forth, you the most rebellious kinda girl in eyes of the observers. No one can accept the fact, that he could be your cousin elder brother too. We as a society will not  give it a thought that this boy can be his friend ONLY.

3. What is your religion/ Cast?
With this answer we try to relate with the kind of actions one does. But is it really right kind of observation. Or is it required to be answered to become friends.

4. How old are you?
It is one obvious question, we all ladies hate to answer and we all know the reason I believe

5. If you are late: with whom, where you?
Oh, come on. a lady can also have official meeting in evening which can end up late than expected. A lady can also go to field job, where she is struck up in traffic jam.

6. What did you shop, without asking me?
A lady can' t donate for a noble cause, until or unless you take advice from your hubby or your father. Females are always considered as bad investors, as it is presumed that we can be-fooled easily, we don't have the right judgement power. Lack of understanding about human behavior.

7. Where did you drive this car?
A dent has happened in the car - it implies that it was lady driver who was a fault. However, the fact could be that a MAN driving was driving insanely. But I bet, you can't convince even one person, that it wasn't your fault.

8. Is this your baby?
A child you are with; implies that it's your baby. and suddenly all surprised looks will fall on you, as if you are the center of attraction, like chief guest

9. Do you bought this dress from so and so shop? I saw this there
When you have searched tons and finally bought a dress, which you were so sure that is the best and unique. and then in a party this question is asked to you, top of that when its in front of a group of elite colleagues. Crap, nothing worst could have been.

10. When are you coming back home?
When you are in middle of a meeting, or its your date that's going so perfectly, or you are having bang with your friends. then landing to this question, is something so annoying for you at times....

What's that smell, boss?

This is a story from the time when schools were in open. The classes were under the trees and the tent was the office for the principle. Yes the time when my father was young. So here revolves the story round Ajju, who was a small kid. He moved to school one day without taking bath and when the head master ask " what's that smell, boss?", he said I took bath I just forget to use "Ettr". That day he managed to escape the lie he told to the head master.

Few days later again the head master asked "whats that smell, boss?", He said, Sir I woke up at 4 am in the morning and took bath and then I helped my father in house chores". Head master let Ajju go but he wasn't satisfied with the answers. Head master moved to Ajju's bros's class and asked him, did your brother took bath today? The younger brother got afraid and he said, no sir, I was trying to wake him up since morning. And finally our father scolded him, in the rush to come to school he skipped the bath today.

Head master, was furious over Ajju and now he is confident of the "Reason" of the smell. He moved to the class room where Ajju was studying, took all Ajju's clothes and made him take bath in front of everyone under the school hand-pump. 

Everyone standing was laughing at Ajju and poor Ajju, put his clothes on and moved to his brother's class thinking no one will humiliate him. As soon he entered, everyone said to him: "Ajju, why didn't you took bath everyday?". Head master was asking your brother about this only!!! 

Poor Ajju!!!!

Head master did this to give message to every boy studying in that school, that to take bath daily and follow healthy personal hygiene habits. 

So people take bath everyday, you will save yourself from whole lot of disrespect.

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Thursday, 20 March 2014

I have not finished yet!!!! ... Are you content with your life

Hi everyone, it's something like you have to move on. Yes we all have some dreams. 

These dreams can be big or small while chasing these dreams we are just lost. Why we are lost, because somewhere down the line we want to prove something. What is that something, this "something" is what we have decided for ourselves. It is realistic... I don't know what is realistic... Is achieving what we have set for ourselves is realistic... are we really happy once we have achieved. 

Is is true that we are happy once we have achieved all that we have thought as a goal for ourselves??? i don't think so... But yes, it is time to think what is it that will make us really happy. In the search of good job, we have left our friends. In struggle for great position, reputation and handsome earning, we have ignored our partners our families. May be a lovely hug, may be a million dollar smile. May be a thrilling holiday or just a relaxing weekend. 

The fight is we are not able to decide that: weather a great holiday will bring us happiness or a bigger home with luxury in it. We keep on lingering on and on and on... to have a get together with friends we gonna miss it why coz we have a professional commitment to make, why choosing professional commitment, coz that can actually bring better status, promotion, money to me! And the fact is we want everything, we want "everything best" in life.

Ask the big shot is he really happy: he will say no i want to go out and want to have my privacy to enjoy life my way. Doing what I wish to and not scared of the what people will think of me as I'm so and so... and i'm not expected to do this and that. I should not be wearing such clothes... this that and everything. So Is this big guy really happy about it!!! he wish to be with friends but he cant coz he has to maintain that distance with everyone and which means he is actually alone in life. he has scarified everything to achieve that, but does he has a family? Does he has friends around him. 

Noooooooo........ because he was busy with his professional growth when his family needed him the most, when his baby was asking a parental guidance and care, when a friend was looking for a helping hand.. a confident smile for support. 
So when now he has everything with him why he cant feel happy. Why he wishes to have that smile from his loved once ? 

Ask a working lady and mom is she happy managing everything and handling that pressure day in and out? She will say no, she wants be home, with her kids when they needed her the most. when the kids are feeling fearful because of exam, she wanted to lend a helping hand to them, rather than speaking over phone. Ask a homemaker, is she happy? Has she made maximum out of life, she will say no, she will say I have not achieved anything in life coz for her making a professional landmark was a benchmark.

So in search of everything best we actually loose everything best which we already had in our life. Yup, you read it right the best was with us already! which we didn't realized when we had that. We realize it's value when we lose them in search of "other best" which we think that should be ours.

Why is it tough to be content? Is it really a great deal to have the satisfied life? 

Wednesday, 19 March 2014

13 Situations where courage is the Key!!!

Do you have it in you: 

Who all have the courage!!! Wondering!!!! Yes, we all say that we have the capability to do this and that. A very obvious statement we point towards others but have we actually looked at us. Are we the real heroes? Sorry gals, this one article is inclined more towards guys.

Take a moment and think about it. 

Ok, so lets me start writing about "Courage" this topic is not a knowledge sharing kind of platform, but I will be throwing a thought in the reader's mind, through this article, who think that they are the hero and have that courage to change the world.

Let me ask you once again, Do you have it in you??? 

1. Can you accept your mistake and apologize in front of Larger Picture. 
2. Are you daring enough to stand and fight for your rights, your freedom, your perspective? Until the end, getting started is real easy, things get tougher once you are in the pit!
3. Can you fight for others? that person can be your friend, mate, lover, father, mother, daughter, son, wife, sister, colleague.
4.Think of a person who has failed in 300 ways of leading/surviving but still has the courage to think of 301's way to start it over again.
5. When someone was shown a pink slip and there is a family to feed. The person, find ways and means rather than cribbing or getting depressed.
6. A person who is humiliated in front of 1000 of people and have lost all friends, job, respect, and freedom still, has the courage to fight back.
7. Are you courageous enough to stand up to your words/ commitments?
8. Are you strong enough to hear every bad word about yourself from family/friends/Relatives/ Boss, when you have actually done nothing? Still rising next day with the same passion for life.
9. Do you have the capability to adapt according to the situation?
10. Fear within you, How successfully have you combat the "FEAR", within you.
11. How successful are you in dealing with your worst past. The past which came in when you are about to excel and suddenly, you feel that it is gonna diminish soon. Did you gather your courage together???
12. When your ex's offer you the job you have been looking for. What will you do??? Do you have the courage to refuse, or will you accept it or are you wise enough to find a win-win solution by maintaining professionalism and decorum.
13. Do you have the courage to forgive and forgo the person who has done the worst to you?

Wake up people, It's time for action. Bring about that change in you. For more such thought provoking articles read

"Stop cribbing and start exploring" you will succeed anyway....

Thursday, 23 January 2014

Are you really sure you will help me???

Hi, I'm in pain please help me. When the words like pain, hurt came to your mind many people laugh at them and the first thing that comes to their mind is ... This person needs money... Or has come to ask for something for which we don’t have time, no time to listen even!

To a certain extent this stands true as well as people have made this sentence so professional, that they Know it so professionally well how to convey and make fool of anyone n everyone... Waaooo.... that's how the world is... How professional you are in describing your pain... More help you will get, strange but equally true. And the poor the one who has pain is standing and fighting within him/her to struggle for words to reach to help and the one who is masked for pain...

Let’s say if this person in need is your loved one who is suffering in pain.... And is so terribly hurt within the heart, despite the pain person is working. But did we noticed, did we try to talk about the reason or matter for being hurt?

No!!! The reason we are so busy in our lives these days that we are short of time. Yes short of time to spend with our loved ones. Until, the person come and market him/herself about the pain telling or may be shouting “Yes, I'm in pain” till then no one will listen.
Gone are those days’ when people used to know by the body language that something is wrong... Now when we come home we are on phones... When we are having our meals... We are either watching TV or laptops or again the mobile phone is keeping us occupied. Either we r trying to develop networking. As we hardly have time in our offices or we are discussing strategies to achieve next target... Or we are playing games or watching the news or trying to socialize on networking sites...

But do we really have time... Are we free this much to spend time with our family... No!!! I guess... So poor family member...

Now, is it possible that the person who is in pain you are the creator of that pain??? And still, you have no time to heal wounds of that person... Just by the words of love... All the person needs is a soft smile, a naughty joke, a caring hand over your head or just your hand to hold on to...

Do think about it. Take out half an hour or just 15 minutes from your busy schedule, when you keep all your gadgets and office targets aside, promise to laugh and no fights during that time period. You may also read more similar articles and common man's stores at

Cuddle up... U are a lovely person... An awesome loving family who has everything but just no time to spend.

Think about it.