Wednesday, 9 April 2014

10 Deadly Questions, you hate being asked

I being a Girl that too Indian, doesn't always means that i'm liable for pleasing or answering every question being asked or thrown upon me.... I'm sure these 10 questions we all hate when they are asked or inquired about us:

1. When are you getting married, my child?
It's not you parents who are concerned, it's the relatives and the neighborhood, who is most interested in knowing out of all the people in the world. As if they are getting noble prize, once they know the answer to this precious question.

2. Was he your boyfriend?
Every Tom, Dick and Herry, with whom you were caught hanging around has its obvious implication that he is your boyfriend. And if you happen to be seen with different boys at various places, then you have those many boy friends. and hence forth, you the most rebellious kinda girl in eyes of the observers. No one can accept the fact, that he could be your cousin elder brother too. We as a society will not  give it a thought that this boy can be his friend ONLY.

3. What is your religion/ Cast?
With this answer we try to relate with the kind of actions one does. But is it really right kind of observation. Or is it required to be answered to become friends.

4. How old are you?
It is one obvious question, we all ladies hate to answer and we all know the reason I believe

5. If you are late: with whom, where you?
Oh, come on. a lady can also have official meeting in evening which can end up late than expected. A lady can also go to field job, where she is struck up in traffic jam.

6. What did you shop, without asking me?
A lady can' t donate for a noble cause, until or unless you take advice from your hubby or your father. Females are always considered as bad investors, as it is presumed that we can be-fooled easily, we don't have the right judgement power. Lack of understanding about human behavior.

7. Where did you drive this car?
A dent has happened in the car - it implies that it was lady driver who was a fault. However, the fact could be that a MAN driving was driving insanely. But I bet, you can't convince even one person, that it wasn't your fault.

8. Is this your baby?
A child you are with; implies that it's your baby. and suddenly all surprised looks will fall on you, as if you are the center of attraction, like chief guest

9. Do you bought this dress from so and so shop? I saw this there
When you have searched tons and finally bought a dress, which you were so sure that is the best and unique. and then in a party this question is asked to you, top of that when its in front of a group of elite colleagues. Crap, nothing worst could have been.

10. When are you coming back home?
When you are in middle of a meeting, or its your date that's going so perfectly, or you are having bang with your friends. then landing to this question, is something so annoying for you at times....

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