Wednesday, 9 April 2014

What's that smell, boss?

This is a story from the time when schools were in open. The classes were under the trees and the tent was the office for the principle. Yes the time when my father was young. So here revolves the story round Ajju, who was a small kid. He moved to school one day without taking bath and when the head master ask " what's that smell, boss?", he said I took bath I just forget to use "Ettr". That day he managed to escape the lie he told to the head master.

Few days later again the head master asked "whats that smell, boss?", He said, Sir I woke up at 4 am in the morning and took bath and then I helped my father in house chores". Head master let Ajju go but he wasn't satisfied with the answers. Head master moved to Ajju's bros's class and asked him, did your brother took bath today? The younger brother got afraid and he said, no sir, I was trying to wake him up since morning. And finally our father scolded him, in the rush to come to school he skipped the bath today.

Head master, was furious over Ajju and now he is confident of the "Reason" of the smell. He moved to the class room where Ajju was studying, took all Ajju's clothes and made him take bath in front of everyone under the school hand-pump. 

Everyone standing was laughing at Ajju and poor Ajju, put his clothes on and moved to his brother's class thinking no one will humiliate him. As soon he entered, everyone said to him: "Ajju, why didn't you took bath everyday?". Head master was asking your brother about this only!!! 

Poor Ajju!!!!

Head master did this to give message to every boy studying in that school, that to take bath daily and follow healthy personal hygiene habits. 

So people take bath everyday, you will save yourself from whole lot of disrespect.

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