Monday, 25 November 2013

Excel, excel and excel everyday I do so but.....

The title seems like a poem right...but no no... I'm not reciting any poem out here.

 What I'm constantly trying to reach is the "Limits to excel" and "Scope of excel".

Since, I am the one who is trying and struggling to find new ways to excel!!! Since I'm the one who is eager to excel... I find thousands of people who are giving me advise who are judging me, who advocate on my rights and wrongs.

I appreciate them but then; I stop and ask myself have they themselves have reached that level of excellence... unfortunately no. But however, they know the recipe to excel therefore they can guide, therefore they have the right to judge you, therefore they can give you thousands of advises (at times it’s just one piece of advice that too is not valid and there is a whole long essay behind it, acting as the background before compiling it to one sentence)and i.e. “It is to be done in this manner, dear”!!!

Here is the poor one who is struggling already to find correct method to perform certain task, unfortunately have to meet unskilled gurus... who claim them to be expert in the field of which they have only read just the manual, strange no!!!

People love to speak tons, they can leave there work and take you to coffee shop just to talk..... aaahhh...... what a relief for the communicator but the poor listener is tired.

It is similar to the scenario, where we find a whole lot of redundant and baseless information on Google; when we really want to search something and just a handful of useful one. And it is indeed an art to find that useful information so precisely within few searches. Same way it is really an art to find such a pure and selfless guru or mentor to follow on the path to excel.

Scope to excel here I can suggest one thing is take one task at a time and keep on excelling gradually as you built on they can start with second and later on playing with that level of expertise is a great fun... and yes, then people may ask you.... great ya!! How do you manage? How have you done it so wonderfully? And then you are the "Real Guru" and expert...... Cheers guys.

So ride on bike to your field of excellence and excel it.

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