Thursday, 14 November 2013

Kids need your time and not money...plzz give them your love and time

Yesterday was Children's day and I happen to read a caption saying " Give your kids time and happiness rather than Money" How true it is in today's scenario.

The reason for my elaborating on this topic is that ; In today's materialistic and competitive world we are so tied up with our own lives that we say to our kids that if you score this much percentile then I will gift you this toy or this PS or such expensive and fancy gifts. Rather than spending times with our kids we are teaching them to find their happiness in materialistic things and not the family. The concept of family now means 1. Nanny, maid, tutors and then parents. We have made the division of responsibilities. But is this division is in right manner?? Are we teaching our kids to play with your toys/ Video games, cartoons so that they can remain far from us!!!

Yes, the root meaning of such gifts is this. Coz we don't have time for them actually not for them its our family ... isn't strange that now kids share more of there feelings with their friends. We say now kids get into relationships so early the generation has advanced.... but are we not responsible for such acts??? Are we providing them with such comfort, time and security so that they should feel happy and content within the family no.

If you all can recall then  there were times when the families were living together where all the cousins were the best friends. the no of cousins was so high that there was hardly any need to look for friends outside. Kids were so content within the families.

Now, due to the competition, our rising expectations, need to earn more..more and more.... have brought in the concepts of Nuclear families... where indeed we have divided our responsibilities with maids and nannies but we forget that they are working for money and can't give that emotional bonding. Those teachings where the family is bind with hearts where the feelings of happiness and sorrows are shared with each other. Where at least one meal is taken together. One family outing is must in a month / week. Such things have lost their charm.

Now kids hardly know who is their cousin, because they have not met them. The meaning to life has changed, to relationships has changed. The feeling of sharing among each other is now converted to why should I give you, this is mine.

Now happiness is with toys, it is measured with how expensive or how latest the toy is... more is the  happiness. Kids are happy watching TV and playing games on laptops.... Happiness is now no more associated with playing with family cards, luddo, hide and seek, gallery, vish-amrit... such games are rarely heard now. Having evening walks and night walks to ice-cream vendor with family have reduced in number. If at all we have to go we move in cars now. Strange no...We have evolved and are still evolving... we all have to decide weather in right direction or wrong direction.

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