Tuesday, 7 July 2015

Lessons from horse's mouth - About creative writing in digital world!!!

This story started from 2011, when I started writing. I actually have no clues what writing is all about. Over and above, there is digital writing, which is again divided into Website content development, blogs, e-magazines and articles writing. I have learned a lot of lessons while working in this industry.

Let me confess, no one in my family ever done business before. Yes, working in this industry is business only, as you will be writing business for them. Negotiating, sending quotes, delivering presentations about your work, are all what an entreprenur does. So, yes, you have entered into a business transaction.

There are a whole lot of styles and trends these days which are available. Something which is new, informative and crisp is what is liked by your readers. This is what I have understood from my experience. Adding these flavors to various writings makes a great piece!

1. You canNOT connect with everyone: You receive several queries, but the fact is the conversion ratio is only 2% - 5%. Yes a lot of times its the cost which is really driving force for a yes or no. Don't crib if you can't crack a deal, important is to focus on work. Clients will come to you.

2. Know your Customer - KYC: Yes, we are working at the age of the internet where we are interacting over telephones, skypes and mails. Understanding your customer becomes tough. You need to ask every possible question, that take you to depths about the client's past record of payments, their nature, urgency, and level of involvement. However, linkedins and other social sites are not that helpful, it is always good to get referrals.

Most of the people with whom I have been interacting are start-ups: It is always good to ask, how old are you in business. or questions like may I know more about you and your business! Generally people do not have idea about content, they are more worried about the look and feel of the website. I am not denying that look and feel are not required, but in the long run, it's your content which will be a savior from Google Giant. The content has to be fresh, informative, should have tag lines and an amazing headline.

3. Entrepreneurs cannot guide you in content development: What is the style of writing, how you want to convey is your domain. Don't ask these questions from them. 

Ask relevant questions: what is your USP, what is your business, who are your target customers, are you operational in other continents as well. Who are your competitors. 

4. Prepare 2-3 write-ups: Show the client which you don't like much, the chances are they will like that one the most. If they are asking for more samples than show them the other ones, from your kitty. 

5. Don't write About us in case of start-up's: Put your best foot forward, when your product or services are new or innovative or have something to offer them, showcase about that in your website. 

Add Tabs about: USP, Milestones, New features, Benefits, Testimonials. These things will add value to your website.

6. Good to have quotes finalized once you have understood the work: After knowing the work, you can say no as well. or you can buy time. Never show that you are in a hurry to have this assignment. During this time you can develop your quote, quotes should always be customized. Don't give generalized quotes.

These are some of the lessons i have learned from my writing in this industry.

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