Wednesday, 8 July 2015

'Tranquility' is one word that I'm aiming at!

Just love the compliments flowing in when I am called yummy mummy or a haaattie!!! I'm sure we all want this in todays era, where looks, plays a vital role, I gladly confess that I love to be in shape. But I'm not a fitness freak either, nor do I believe in the crash dieting concept. All that I need is the healthy body to survive this tough life. And believe me these small steps help me alot.

Few things which I follow:

Waking up early: let me say I have acquired this habit from the last few years only. I also love to remain cozy in bed for lazy mornings, but comparatively, I have gained a lot of efficiency by waking up early. I could do a lot of productive work by waking up in the morning. And now I love to be ahead of schedule. Rushing in those peak hours is bye-bye now, because I start earlier than the office hours and provide all the mails to everyone before time! Hmm...... loved this relaxed life.

·         How to spend that "early morning half hour": It is crucial to plan these 30 minutes of your morning hours. Have hot water with Dabur honey in it, is tested way to reduce those extra layers (5 minutes). Meditate (15 Minutes). Exercise (10 Minutes) and you are ready for the day. Believe me, you are highest in your productivity, plan your day, jot down your priorities for the entire day during this time. If you are prepared then your actions reveal that smart worker within you, everyone can notice that change in you.

Have a colorful food: I love colors and let them reflect on food as well. Yes, if you believe in expert advice then nutrition experts also say that your food should have all the colors of the season. It will become a balanced diet. Most of us have help/ aids at homes, all we need is to have a planned menu at homes, so that we are planned when to bring what raw material, to stick to that menu. You will observe that with the increased variety, your portions will reduce and it is an actual way to eat healthy and have nutritious life.

Prefer source food than the processed food: We are opting for lemon juices, rather than preparing lemon juice at home. Grind mangos for that refreshing mango juice; this is better than opting for chemically processing mango juices. You will gain two things, one is reduced preservative intake and second, have control of the sugar content, while having these juices at home. Bring Dabur honey to your diet rather than use of sugar.

Fight Illness: Recently I had an infection in the body, this illness is unexpected and shocking for me, when I say that I follow a strict diet and disciplined life. But you cannot avoid the ever getting stronger virus and bacteria around, this healthy nutritional pattern helped me recover faster.

Healthy body or healthy mind: No choice we need both! Yes, we are born in pairs, husband and wife, cannot clap with one hand, similarly mind and body are complimentary to each other. If you focus only on your healthy body, but have a pessimistic thought process, you will never succeed, that I can bet you!

Try tweaking your routine, you will gain a lot professionally and personally as well! The balance that you will achieve is worth it.

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