Friday, 25 April 2014

Connecting dots, I visualize a possible end - for - final half story... #DOitRight

Till now Part 1: 

Our final Half Story is about a passionate principal, who runs a humble 3-room school, nestled among the mountains on the Indo-Nepal border, in a place called Megma. Despite shaky benches, faded and cracked blackboards and weak infrastructure, the students still walk in with huge smiles on their face. The principal, who despite retiring last year, still continues to teach them free of cost, and says that he will do this for the rest of his life! Let’s keep his dream alive of giving every home education. Complete his Half Story by giving this 3-room school stationery sets and blackboards.

Part 2

The second half of the story: One of the blogger picks the story, approach the principle back in that village to know the actual situation. Also to understand what kind of help can he do (His part) and fortunately this blogger has the network of people who can help him develop a Fb page for promotion. Secondly, they develop the blog in the name of the school, putting in photographs of the school, the children and the nature and places to visit around. Gradually they start getting recognized online.

Blogger guides the principle to volunteer for the "Teach India" project, from where he can actually gain better knowledge about how to teach these kids for employ-ability. Through blogs and other online promotional activities they are able to generate some income. 

"Megma village" is also publicized as a tourist spot where the tourist can halt and have the scenic relaxation while driving towards Tumling, Bordering Northern Bengal, Indo-Nepal border. 

I visualize that people specially halt to visit the school which is promoted at large. To visit the school, they have to pay fees of Rs.10/-. Leading to another source of income.

Blogger helped this principle in developing network with some wealthy tycoons, who have a heart to donate for a cause. 

Through the passing days/years this village becomes a trek ground for the trek lovers and can be spotted as an undiscovered destination. And a small tea break spot for tourist and gains its popularity over the coming years. The school principle was able to generate sufficient funds to keep his mission going. 

In my vision, this story has a great start and fresh approach towards its cause. Its not an end its the new beginning. This "blogger" whom I have been mentioning here repeatedly could be anyone from us. 

Why??? we have to tell others to do this and that, why can't "I" can teach myself to step ahead and approach this principle in his noble cause.... think about it.

My appreciation to Do Right initiative taken up by Tata capital and special mention to Indiblogger for taking us to the places where we cant reach but our blessings and help can. I wish my story helps in contributing my bit of help through completing the second half of the final story. 

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