Thursday, 20 March 2014

I have not finished yet!!!! ... Are you content with your life

Hi everyone, it's something like you have to move on. Yes we all have some dreams. 

These dreams can be big or small while chasing these dreams we are just lost. Why we are lost, because somewhere down the line we want to prove something. What is that something, this "something" is what we have decided for ourselves. It is realistic... I don't know what is realistic... Is achieving what we have set for ourselves is realistic... are we really happy once we have achieved. 

Is is true that we are happy once we have achieved all that we have thought as a goal for ourselves??? i don't think so... But yes, it is time to think what is it that will make us really happy. In the search of good job, we have left our friends. In struggle for great position, reputation and handsome earning, we have ignored our partners our families. May be a lovely hug, may be a million dollar smile. May be a thrilling holiday or just a relaxing weekend. 

The fight is we are not able to decide that: weather a great holiday will bring us happiness or a bigger home with luxury in it. We keep on lingering on and on and on... to have a get together with friends we gonna miss it why coz we have a professional commitment to make, why choosing professional commitment, coz that can actually bring better status, promotion, money to me! And the fact is we want everything, we want "everything best" in life.

Ask the big shot is he really happy: he will say no i want to go out and want to have my privacy to enjoy life my way. Doing what I wish to and not scared of the what people will think of me as I'm so and so... and i'm not expected to do this and that. I should not be wearing such clothes... this that and everything. So Is this big guy really happy about it!!! he wish to be with friends but he cant coz he has to maintain that distance with everyone and which means he is actually alone in life. he has scarified everything to achieve that, but does he has a family? Does he has friends around him. 

Noooooooo........ because he was busy with his professional growth when his family needed him the most, when his baby was asking a parental guidance and care, when a friend was looking for a helping hand.. a confident smile for support. 
So when now he has everything with him why he cant feel happy. Why he wishes to have that smile from his loved once ? 

Ask a working lady and mom is she happy managing everything and handling that pressure day in and out? She will say no, she wants be home, with her kids when they needed her the most. when the kids are feeling fearful because of exam, she wanted to lend a helping hand to them, rather than speaking over phone. Ask a homemaker, is she happy? Has she made maximum out of life, she will say no, she will say I have not achieved anything in life coz for her making a professional landmark was a benchmark.

So in search of everything best we actually loose everything best which we already had in our life. Yup, you read it right the best was with us already! which we didn't realized when we had that. We realize it's value when we lose them in search of "other best" which we think that should be ours.

Why is it tough to be content? Is it really a great deal to have the satisfied life? 

Wednesday, 19 March 2014

13 Situations where courage is the Key!!!

Do you have it in you: 

Who all have the courage!!! Wondering!!!! Yes, we all say that we have the capability to do this and that. A very obvious statement we point towards others but have we actually looked at us. Are we the real heroes? Sorry gals, this one article is inclined more towards guys.

Take a moment and think about it. 

Ok, so lets me start writing about "Courage" this topic is not a knowledge sharing kind of platform, but I will be throwing a thought in the reader's mind, through this article, who think that they are the hero and have that courage to change the world.

Let me ask you once again, Do you have it in you??? 

1. Can you accept your mistake and apologize in front of Larger Picture. 
2. Are you daring enough to stand and fight for your rights, your freedom, your perspective? Until the end, getting started is real easy, things get tougher once you are in the pit!
3. Can you fight for others? that person can be your friend, mate, lover, father, mother, daughter, son, wife, sister, colleague.
4.Think of a person who has failed in 300 ways of leading/surviving but still has the courage to think of 301's way to start it over again.
5. When someone was shown a pink slip and there is a family to feed. The person, find ways and means rather than cribbing or getting depressed.
6. A person who is humiliated in front of 1000 of people and have lost all friends, job, respect, and freedom still, has the courage to fight back.
7. Are you courageous enough to stand up to your words/ commitments?
8. Are you strong enough to hear every bad word about yourself from family/friends/Relatives/ Boss, when you have actually done nothing? Still rising next day with the same passion for life.
9. Do you have the capability to adapt according to the situation?
10. Fear within you, How successfully have you combat the "FEAR", within you.
11. How successful are you in dealing with your worst past. The past which came in when you are about to excel and suddenly, you feel that it is gonna diminish soon. Did you gather your courage together???
12. When your ex's offer you the job you have been looking for. What will you do??? Do you have the courage to refuse, or will you accept it or are you wise enough to find a win-win solution by maintaining professionalism and decorum.
13. Do you have the courage to forgive and forgo the person who has done the worst to you?

Wake up people, It's time for action. Bring about that change in you. For more such thought provoking articles read

"Stop cribbing and start exploring" you will succeed anyway....