Saturday, 5 October 2013


We generally are in a habit of comparing....

Everyone of us...
Aren't we...
I'm am here not writing this to say that comparisons are good or bad.
My only purpose is to ... Chill it & Take it easy baby!

As I take it, its good to compare but I feel the comparisons are done when A and B are in same conditions and then their performances are compared. I feel this is the best comparison ground, the best example is Competitions where two competitors are given same ground to perform and compete. 
But in daily life we all compare, our bosses compare employees, people compare there partners, companies compare there competitors.
I'll take them here one by one:
Case 1: Bosses compare employees - Here the physical infra is same let's say in 90% of the cases. But the intangibles like the authority, sphere/scope of working, level of difficulty in a task, these are some of the things which are never same. and they can never be same. Now when the comparisons are done at the time of appraisals focus only on the result, not the gravity of hard work. here there is one more thing which needs to be focused upon is the skill set. A has the skills to perform same task, however, B, is learning that skill to complete the task. So the results if derived in how quickly the work is completed then yes A wins...but what we have ignored here is the handwork and dedication of B. Yes no doubt the work performed by B has taken a lot of time but by not encouraging, definitely we are demotivating the new learner. Here I'm not talking about the slow learner.
Case 2: People compare their partners - In daily life we tend to say that see, my friends wife/hubby can do this n that very quickly and look at you...
These are very frequent lines which are shared in an conversation within a couple, now again if, the one who said these lines can ponder a bit and try to analyze the situation and can ask softly, what happened.. the other person will definitely have an explanation to it... but yes, if its a normal habit of the other person to ignore, what is been told to do/not to do. Then yes, this line justifies.... but yes Acco. to me there are definitely ways and means to convey what you really want the person to do... After all being manager is not only good in times its good to act like one at home too! 
Case 3: Companies comparing their competitors - Yes, as the quarterly, weekly, monthly..etc... these comparisons are done. Here again, before we compare ours with others we need to understand the background... are we same financially, do we have similar efficient and effective management and employee power, is our vision is same as theirs??? Once We have answered these questions, then is the time when we can have the correct picture and can make a better action plan for future.
My only motive to explain these things with small examples is to... think and understand what we are saying and doing with our lives, just be caging ourselves around comparisons we are spoiling our own unique individuality.
I feel the best comparison is with "self". And it can only be done by "You" and not by anybody else.
In other words if I may say, then better to keep yourself comparing with self and stop thinking what others are saying/ thinking about you. The reason for this is You only know what is your priority at this moment... and on which strength/weakness you need to focus upon. And nobody else can do that.

So keep evolving...for better...

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