Monday, 18 November 2013

Are you tired of your tiredness...

We are tired... mostly.... but one thing to understand is are we tired physically.... the fact is 50-60% of times we are mentally tired.
Yes Mental tiredness.... we are tired because the mind is bound to do something which we are not willing to do. So the feeling is to leave it all.. Well if you are a teenager then I would have definitely advised you for this but if you are married or are parents then I have a different advice for you... what you can do is to analyze. Analyze what your mind don't want to do.. is it important responsibility for you to perform and you are not willing to do because you are the one who just wants to relax... or not in a mood to do. If these are your reasons for not performing then shake your mind and tell your mind that you need to do this now...This is called as bringing your free mind under control. We need to practice this several times in a day to keep on reminding yourself of the things that are important to do. Till the time it becomes your habit.
Mental tiredness is also caused when we are surrounded by negativity. Mostly it's the people who create negativity around. What if those people are your loved ones and you cant afford to leave them?? One option is keep your mind under control. How you can do this. Just keep yourself calm. You can sing a song is one . Second you can say that it's the frustration of the other person...about some matter which is venting out through negativity. Move to a different room or go for a walk. There are endless ways. Remember when kids don't want to listen to you, what they do.... Let the matter gets relaxed a bit then you can resume back, or can make the person understand.
All those who are working they all are tired due to  there busy schedules and lifestyles and commitments. Some tips for them:
1. Listen to a favorite song of yours, which you used to listen during your childhood times or your graduation times.
2. Search on Google images for the dream destination of yours.
3. Call up your friend and talk about all the rubbish things what all they may be.
4. Go to loo and shout aloud...
5. Tired of your mobile - switch it off for a day.
6. Bunk your office and watch a movie, or hang out with your friend or close one.
7. Go home and dance on your favorite song. If you are shy then - close the door, sing the song loud and dance freely.
8. Meditate - An ultimate way to de-stress your self. Its my own personal recommendation. Try it you will love it.
Remember Till the time you are calm and enjoying everything what you are doing till then... all tiredness will just be momentary.
Believe me guys thousand of things are in our hands, we need to have faith in ourselves. And say it to you : "You are capable enough to find solutions... just look within you"
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