Thursday, 23 January 2014

Are you really sure you will help me???

Hi, I'm in pain please help me. When the words like pain, hurt came to your mind many people laugh at them and the first thing that comes to their mind is ... This person needs money... Or has come to ask for something for which we don’t have time, no time to listen even!

To a certain extent this stands true as well as people have made this sentence so professional, that they Know it so professionally well how to convey and make fool of anyone n everyone... Waaooo.... that's how the world is... How professional you are in describing your pain... More help you will get, strange but equally true. And the poor the one who has pain is standing and fighting within him/her to struggle for words to reach to help and the one who is masked for pain...

Let’s say if this person in need is your loved one who is suffering in pain.... And is so terribly hurt within the heart, despite the pain person is working. But did we noticed, did we try to talk about the reason or matter for being hurt?

No!!! The reason we are so busy in our lives these days that we are short of time. Yes short of time to spend with our loved ones. Until, the person come and market him/herself about the pain telling or may be shouting “Yes, I'm in pain” till then no one will listen.
Gone are those days’ when people used to know by the body language that something is wrong... Now when we come home we are on phones... When we are having our meals... We are either watching TV or laptops or again the mobile phone is keeping us occupied. Either we r trying to develop networking. As we hardly have time in our offices or we are discussing strategies to achieve next target... Or we are playing games or watching the news or trying to socialize on networking sites...

But do we really have time... Are we free this much to spend time with our family... No!!! I guess... So poor family member...

Now, is it possible that the person who is in pain you are the creator of that pain??? And still, you have no time to heal wounds of that person... Just by the words of love... All the person needs is a soft smile, a naughty joke, a caring hand over your head or just your hand to hold on to...

Do think about it. Take out half an hour or just 15 minutes from your busy schedule, when you keep all your gadgets and office targets aside, promise to laugh and no fights during that time period. You may also read more similar articles and common man's stores at

Cuddle up... U are a lovely person... An awesome loving family who has everything but just no time to spend.

Think about it.

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